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Winx Club (2004– ) Episode List. Season: OR . Year: 2013. S5, Ep4. 23 Sep. 2013 The Sirenix Book. 7.9 (7) 0. Rate. 1. Rate. 2. Rate. 3. Rate. 4 ... The Winx start a movement to clean the trash from Gardenia's beach. With their new Sirenix powers, Tritannus and the Trix head to the Emperor's Throne, but quickly discover that not everything is ...

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May 03, 2005 · Winx Club Season 8: The Toonzone - General Animation Discussion: 11: Jan 27, 2019: Netflix to Air a Live-Action Winx Club Spinoff Series: Toonzone News Comments: 9: Mar 15, 2018: T "Winx Club" Live-Action Movie Announced: The Entertainment Board: 9: Feb 10, 2016: B: Nickelodeon Acquires "Winx Club"; Will Co-Produce Seasons 5 and 6: The ...

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The Heart and the Sword is the ninth episode of the third season of Winx Club. Upon discovering the royal matrimony between Sky and Diaspro is about to commence, the Winx (minus Aisha and Tecna) and Riven go to Eraklyon to get some answers about Sky's sudden betrayal. While the Winx flee from the Eraklyon guards, Sky corners his former friends in the armour room and attacks. It is then that ...

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The Winx move to Gardenia to find the last fairy on Earth. In order to earn money, the Winx open Love and Pet, a magic pet shop. Their new furry friends help plant the seed of believing in magic on Gardenia.

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Oct 10, 2018 · Winx Club - English - Full Episodes - Season 1-7 Magic Winx All Languages; 155 videos; 291,937 views; ... Winx Club Season 1 Episode 11 "The Monster and The Willow" RAI English HD

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The Winx travel through all the galaxies of the Magical Universe until they arrive in Lumenia, the most brilliant of all stars. A great mystery involving an old acquaintance of the Winx is endangering the brightness of all the stars. A new magic will help the Winx figure out who's behind it.

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Jun 19, 2017 · Winx Club Winx Club. Subscribe Subscribed ... Videos; Playlists; Community; Channels; About Play all. Winx Club - Season 1 - [FULL EPISODES] Winx Club

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The third season of the animated television series Winx Club aired from 29 January to 28 March 2007, consisting of 26 episodes. The series was created by Iginio Straffi, who also acted as executive producer and director of the season.. The season focuses on the Winx Club's third and final year at the Alfea College for Fairies, where they strive to earn an enhancement to their powers called ...

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Listen to Your Heart is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season of Winx Club. The Sovereign Council must agree on how to protect the Magic Dimension. King Cryos of Zenith plans to look out only for his planet using an army of robot droids.

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Season 1 Episodes (Winx Club) Winx Club Episodes; Winx Club - Episode 105. Locked. History Talk (0) Share. Friendship is the true magic! This Episodes Article is an A! It has all the sections and images in place, making it complete. Winx Club - Episode 105. Season …

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In 2015, via an interview, Iginio Straffi, the creator of Winx Club, confirmed that the eighth season was in production and it was set to be aired after World of Winx and the 4th movie. It was later revealed at the Russia Licensing World Exhibition on February 27, 2018, that the eighth season's premiere had been postponed until 2019.

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Jun 22, 2017 · A dark menace is hidden on Earth and is ready to show up, releasing its destroying fury against the humans. The Winx will be ready to face it with a new, precious, ally: Roxy, the Fairy of Animals! Watch the full episodes and relive the incredible excitement of Winx Club Season 4! less

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Jan 20, 2014 · The Flying School is the third episode of the sixth season of Winx Club. The Winx go to Lynphea College for special training with the Specialists and Paladins, skilled warriors. When Selina sends the Treants to attack, the Winx are stripped of their powers and forced to return to Alfea.

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Aisha is the fairy of waves and the princess from Andros. She is 17 years old when she is first comes to Alfea and her birthday is June 15. Layla is extremely opinionated and open minded. She is as intuitive as Stella and when asked to, gives practical and pragmatic advice. She is also a talented dancer and speaks many languages. She is strongly against romantic entanglements with boys, as ...

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Winx Club is an animated television series created by Iginio Straffi. It is co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon, which are both part of ViacomCBS. The series premiered on January 28, 2004 in Italy. For its first four seasons, Winx Club was produced entirely in Italian, at the Rainbow SpA studio in Italy. The American company Viacom became a co-owner of Rainbow in 2011, and the show's ...

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Diaspro is Sky's Ex Finance. She is especially Bloom's enemy and Bloom hers. They had a fight in an episode Diapro was looking and sky's picture which made bloom think she was icy and is looking for sky and is gonna make him do any harm Sky was in the stadium having a fight nearly and bloom and diaspro burst out of nowhere.

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Season Nine of Winx Club is said to be released in late 2020, with twenty-six episodes after the fourth computer-animated movie. It is unknown whether Prince Tritannus, Politea, Trix, Mitzi, Diaspro, Selina, Eldora, Kalshara, or the witches of Cloud Tower are going to return in this series as the main antagonists.


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Episodes Winx Club. Season 7. Release year: 2015. With the Fairy Animals under threat, the Winx must travel throughout the Magic Universe to save them to maintain balance in the world. 1. The Alfea Natural Park 24m. Faragonda informs the Winx that they'll be planning the grand opening party for the Alfea Natural Park, a sanctuary for endangered ...

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Winx Club is set in a vast universe that has several dimensions. Most episodes take place in the Magic Dimension, which is closed off to ordinary people and inhabited by creatures from European mythology like fairies, witches, and monsters. The capital of this world is the city of Magix—which is located on the planet of the same name—where ...

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Apr 24, 2013 · Season 5 Episodes (Winx Club) Winx Club Episodes; Winx Club - Episode 526. Locked. History Talk (0) Share. Friendship is the true magic! This Episodes Article is an A! It has all the sections and images in place, making it complete. Winx Club - Episode 526. Season Episode Production Code; Five: Twenty-Six: 526: Titles.